25 Nov

As we all know, marriage is something that was instituted by God and this is what makes marriages special. We can define marriage as when a man and a woman come together to become one and exchange vows that are meant to bind them eternally no matter the setbacks. When a marriage is done in a church, they pledge to love each other as well as stay faithful to their partners for life. These vows and pledges are what make a marriage special. It however can get to a point when people start living together that they start getting drifted away from each other thus leading to the marriage becoming shaky. If such a thing happens, there is need to seek counselling so as to save the marriage as well as keep the vows they made to each other. In this article, there will be reasons why Christian marriage counselling is perceived better than secular counselling.

The main and first reason as to why Christian marriage counselling is more better is simply because during the wedding, the couple exchanged their vows before God and these vows are meant to be abiding. For this reason, in case a marriage is falling apart, there is need for the couple to seek counselling from those in a Christian marriage that may be facing the same problems as them. In a Christian marriage, it is only death or adultery that can set the two apart and thus, seeking a Christian marriage counsellor is better than choosing a secular counsellor. Know more about counseling for an affair here.

The next reason why Christian marriage counselling is effective than secular counselling is simply because a marriage can be saved through prayers unlike in secular counselling. This is because the couple together with the counsellor have an option of going before God seeking a way to save the marriage. They can do this by deciding to take retreats and be away from interference and have time to pray for the marriage. If for example one of them is having an outside affair, a retreat can work for them when they have a retreat so as to find a way to rekindle the lost flame in the marriage. For further details regarding marriage counseling, go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/marriage-counseling/.

It is also wise to note that Christian marriage counselling is better than secular counselling because in secular counselling, it can involve paying so much money for the service. This is due to the fact that it is more of a business in secular counselling as compared to Christian marriage counselling. Therefore, it is wise for couples to seek Christian marriage counselling so as to ease the burden of having to pay for the service.

It is thereby recommended that couples who find themselves facing these unfortunate events to seek the services of a Christian counsellor because of the many advantages as compared to secular counselling. This is because that is the only better way to save a dying marriage, marriage help here.

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